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The 'Ghetto Girl  Hilton - Behind the Bolted Door' blog consist of a compilation of my experience in the 'sharing economy' and guests experiences.  The stories contained within, are of those which I have encountered with guests along with the struggles with public authorities (racist white police) while creating a home sharing service in my Chicago south side location.  All personal names within these stories are withheld (unless you are on the 'Skank Alert').  They have been replaced with the names of the countries (or cities) for where they area from.


Why did I create this blog? Well...In a time when cash is King... I, the Ghetto Girl, have forfeited my endeavors to explore new worlds due to the recent demise of the economies ever changing landscape.

Initially, I was forced to reside in locale less than what my 'glory' days may have been. I have referred to my situation as 'the Ghetto'. It DOES NOT reflect on the good people of the neighborhood, even if the physical conditions are somewhat less than what I was used to. It only refers to a state of mind that I have placed myself, due to my recent mental transference, in a manner I have not grown accustomed to.  


One may think of the 'hood' (which some have unaffectionately referred to parts of Chicago), as the last place you would find inhabitants who would be willing to 'visit' an area less 'touristy'.  A walk on the wild side....some would say.  But this is where you would be completely wrong. I have come to believe that the 'hood' or the 'ghetto' is a state of mind.  For example, billionaires who have been reduced to a millionaire level may relate to their new status in life as the 'hood'. Upper class individuals who suddenly have been reduced to a middle class income, may find themselves with the same mentality. So in this sense, I refer to living in the 'ghetto' in terms of a mental disposition....NOT locality.  I have affectionately grown to love my new 'lot in life' as it has afforded me a new sense of self and purpose, even to the point of investing in the future as a long term resident of this locale.  


With the assistance of many popular 'sharing economy' sites, this 'Ghetto Girl' has rejoined the ranks of employment and empowerment, with the many who have opened up their 'Kingdom' (our home) to allow strangers to temporarily reside.  Young professionals to common folk, all walks of life with various backgrounds from around the world, have sought refuge in my kingdom as they have transition into their new lives and adventures.

These are their tales in my 'Kingdom' as they experience and explore the truly unknown. So let the adventures begin...


Welcome to my world!

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