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ABOUT Ghetto Girl

I Love Travelers,  traveling and everything in between.  Born and raised in Chicago, I became an avid traveller and barter enthusiast. I've been travelling for 20 years and could easily write my own book on travelling on a budget.  I PRIDE myself on the deals I would obtain.  A week in Ireland, rental of two 3 bedroom entire homes for $45! FOUR Chicago Bull playoff games during the Michael Jordan Era included 4th row floor seats, box seats...$100 total!  Travelled europe thru 15 countries for $500 including accommodations and food...for a 3 month period!  And this was BEFORE Airbnb. I can go on.  I'm geeked when I find a deal and become just plain silly with happiness at an unbelievable deal.  

 'Spend like a spencer, but live like a king!'

Aside from that, my mother was a big enthusiast in education and music.  As the oldest of nine (9) children, I can tell you that we were not short on activities.  Piano lessons on Saturday with an hour a day, per child, of piano practice from the age of four (4);  tennis on Sunday, knitting lessons on Tuesday and Thursday, sewing lessons on Wednesday and swim classes on Friday.  And that's not including the additional architectural/drafting studies and woodshop classes that consumed my teenage years.  If you are good, I can definately knit you a sweater with a nice cable stitch!


My piano teacher was Professor Zilner Randolph for over 15 years. If you don't know who he is, perhaps you heard of a musician called Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington?  He was Louis Armstrong's musical director, played trumpet on a number of Armstrong's recordings and composed the tune "Old Man Moses'.  He also played with Carroll Dickerson and Dave Peyton in the middle of the decade, and led his own Chicago band later in the 1930s.  He was an arranger for Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Woody Herman, Earl Hines, and others.  


Six of my siblings, and I, were his students for over 15 years..  In fact, one of my brothers, is a worldwide professional jazz pianist and a graduate of Berkley College, with several album releases.  As for me, I became sidetracked with travel.   If you are ever in South Korea, Ecuador, or Florida, you will probably run into five of my sisters/brothers and their familiies.  Say hello for me!


My home was built in 1875.  You will find some old and new features within.  I'm always in construction to some degree.  Thanks to Airbnb, I have been able to complete at least 75% of the renovations.  Still have much to do.  


I feel everyone should open their minds to new things, cultural experiences and diversity.  Only then can you understand people thru their eyes and not some narrow minded media coverage.  By letting their experience be your experience, it will help you better understand people in a true and raw sense.  That's why I simply love AIRBNB.  It places you in parts of the world where you probably wouldn't have gone, but always wanted to visit, while interacting with people on a 'local' level from a trusted host.   


Since I don't travel as much as I used to....Let your experience be my experience!


I look forward to meeting you.  proudly created in 2014 by GhettoGirl with

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