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My Family's Original Music and Books


I am proud to present to you some family treasures....from my mother, Darlene Wonsey's, original musical compositions and the creation of her children's my brother, Anthony Wonsey's jazz albums.  


So feel free to visit and sample .....and even purchase... if it suits your mood!

Expressions of Love

Listen to my mother's original musical compositions during your time of reflections.


Whether it is your wedding song, a soothing lullaby or a moment of serenity, this album contains the perfect melody for that perfect moment.

Feel free to listen to album samples


The Adventures
Roscoe Roach
Paul the Palmetto Bug

Journey with Roscoe and Paul, in search of Rocoe Roach's home.  

Their journey will help your children learn about loss, love, dealing with bullies, friendship and more.... 

Available in English, Spanish and Italian


Darlene Wonsey (Mom)

Music Albums

Anthony Wonsey (Brother)  proudly created in 2014 by GhettoGirl with

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