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Eulagy to My Closest and Dearest Friends

"To much has been given, for which much has been received."

For this reason and these difficult days coming, I wanted to give my condelences and farewells to my special friends. Friends who have been with me since I can remember. I sigh at the mere thought of saying goodbye. This will hurt me more than you will ever every know. So here it goes...

To my Best Friend, Jack...Jack Daniels...I love you man. You been there for me thru thick and thin. You gave me unbelievable strength and courage. I could have never stood up to the po po without you. Just kickin it on a friday, me and our good buddy Coke...You're the lover i never had! Gonna miss you.

To Three don't know how you saved me. When I couldn't see Jack because I didn't have enough money to post bond when he was behind bars in that enclosed glass, you three were there for me. Always with your cheap $3 tickets. Giving me just enough buzz to kick it the next day. I felt kinda guilty sometimes because you three always had your hands around my waist with strong support. You taught me family values. You're the three big brothers I never had. Love you guys.

Margarita - a sick son of a basket case. But it was good times good times. I forgive you girl for breaking my ribs right before my trip to greece. I know you didn't mean it. You just a little heavy handed but you're cool in my eyes. My sista from another moda. Maybe we can kick it when I get out of juvee.

Steel Reserve. You I never saw you coming. I remember when we first met...some long long years ago. A friend of mines introduced me to you when when we played cards with that old lady on Jeffrey. Remember? yeah...You kicked me in my chest. I never forgot it. I just want to say I'm sorry for the times i tried to forget you. I didn't mean it. But were bad news for me. I always had blackouts hangin out with you. I had to let you go. But then, when I moved here to the hood and saw you layin around on the ground like that, I just had to pick you up! You sseemed sooooo popular in the streets. The word was that you were pimpin yourself out for a $2, giving out 40 ounces of pure heaven. You got me addicted to yo charms. I love you man but you just bad news. I talked so much trash with you than anybody i know. And i can't say thats a good thing because half the times i can't remember! So I'm going to give you your own crypt and bury you deep within my heart. Sybil says she's gonna miss you. Maybe in another life, we all can hang tight.

To McDonalds, White Castle and Harolds Chicken...Goodbye. With your 24 hour service and your ability to absorb my friends in your cisterns, I want to bid you farewell....and be good.

And finally, Grandaddy. Poppa, no words can say what i'm thinking of. The warmth and smoothness of your words, the warmth carrasses me like no other. All things become right in the world. You even allowed my creative flow in so many aspects of my life. I was a better piano player, writer, dreamer with your inspiration. I love you soooooo much.

To all those, I big farewell.

However, I have 2 words for Wild Turkey and UV.... KICK BRICKS!!! you psycho paths!!! You tried to kill me with your prophecying and use of deadly words! I always had to clean up your mess that you and sybil enjoyed so much. GAME OVER! May I never see you again. I journey on this challenge put before me by Jacquelyn and patricia Wonsey, Rashawnda, Robyn....I say bring it. I have ditched all my friends and now its on! Bring it! EAT MY DIRT on this 50 lb weight challenge!!!!

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