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Another day, another serial KKKop killer walks free. Philando Castile.

The police don't have to ever worry about getting a call from me, ever again. I don't care if I got blood oozing from my ears. At least I am still alive.

Anytime a person enters your home who has no regard to you as a person, nor will NOT SUFFER ANY CONSEQUENCE of their actions, whether by mistake or deliberate....thats not a person you want to invite into your home or become 'friendly'.

Only a fool would put their money in a bank that embezzles your money. If you KNEW that a bank was taking even a small amount of money out of your account, spend it and give you nothing in return, you would be a complete idiot to keep facilitating an establishment that are CLEARLY set up to rob you.

So why would you keep calling the police if they are CLEARLY not there to 'serve and protect'?

They have no history of ever helping you. Even their 'good kkkops' are clearly under a code of silence when it comes to their own. And I would clearly have a better chance of coming out alive if i was raped or beaten by an intruder. At least, I can go after them (or defend myself) in hopes of obtaining justice by whatever means necessary.

So what do you do if you need help that you can't provide yourself?

I hate to say it....but...handle your bizniiz the best way you can!

I say a prayer when there is an attempt to overtake me. Then I use what strength I'm 'given' to fight back. At least the option to live to fight, if I am unsuccessful, another day is in my hands, not these terrorists with badges (or what I refer to as pink booty baboons/aka MP for Monkey Paws).

BUT...There is another option to!

Call EVERYBODY in public service BUT THE KKKOPS!

CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT! Report a fire when you need help even if there is no fire! Don't say i'm being burgarized or somebody is in the house! CALL THE gas company! CALL ANIMAL CONTROL! TEXT A FLASH MOB IF YOU HAVE TO! but whatever you do....DON'T CALL THE POLICE!

I thought long and hard how to receive help if needed that do not involve police! Got a burglary in place? Shoot the burglar and then call 911 and report a fire! Somebody getting beat up, call 911 and report a fire! An unruly guest is in your house? Beat the guest and then call 911 and report a fire! Get pulled over by a Baboon KKKop and he wants you to roll down BOTH your windows? Click your child proof window buttons and tell that talking monkey that your window fuse is out and this is only window that works (1/3 of the way). Be creative! Think outside the box. Carry you a fake baby doll in your car so that you can put it in your lap (covered) when you get pulled over. Worst case scenario you get a ticket for not having the kid in a carseat. Keep a recording of a crying baby that you can play when that talking baboon come to your car! Thats a charge you can fight in court when you show up with your dummy baby. But at least you didn't get shot!

Since the truth CLEARLY is not an understandable language in their subhuman language, do something different.

How do you know you are living in a third world country? No clean drinking water and its much safer for me to actually kill an intruder/burglar than to call the kkkops. Heck! Its much safer to hire a neighborhood gang member or the mob to protect your house than any 'crackhead kkkop'. AT THE LEAST, if anyone die because of the intrusion, you will get some justice by means of your own self defense or if the villain happen to live and is caught....they get jail time.

By reporting a fire, the fire department is sure to come first...hopefully!

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