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FINALLY!!!!!!! Robert, my babies daddy, told me he sees at least 8 little beauties! I had to double check to see if he was lying! So i took a bright light from my phone and looked underneath and there they were! I could see the heads!!! The electric toothbrush actually worked!!! We made babies! I couldnt tell if it was girls or boys until robert lifted up the flaps! If you missed how I've been trying to get pregnant for the last couple of weeks, here is the post you missed...


Ok...this is not to sound like a kinky story. This here is real!

Im starved for another zucchini in my garden but couldn't find another one...yet. So I go to youtube to see why my flower buds look wilted. I thought the wilted ones died. I didn't know that the flower was where the baby come from (zucchini). Youtube says no...this is normal. Flowers have female and male flowers...and unless the female got pollinated then they can die. Thats news to me! REALLY?

But now, this to me this all sounds like a greek tragedy! So I'm like, what i got to do to get this zucchini? Make a male flower have sex with a female? HOW IN THE WORLD DO I DO THAT? Didn't know that it takes bees to be surrogates! AHHHHH! At this point, I'm like, how can i hire out the bee to get the girl pregnant to give me my zucchini? I'm feelin like a pimp of gardening! Like one of those taxi cab confessions interviewing the bee on his qualifications on getting my female pregnant!

So i go back to youtube for guru advice. I find a video to do a hand job with an electric toothbrush. Yeah....I'm like really??? This gardening is gettin kinky!!! But I have no choice. I'm hungry and if the plant gonna take up space its time to pay some dues! This water ain't cheap! SO PRODUCE! This piece of trick needs to produce! LOL

The youtube video starts going at it about how you can tell between a female and male plant. Female basically looks pregnant but with baby...and the male plant straight skinny stem...typical!

I'm so scared to watch the next video on how to vibrate the female plant that its seems just against my religion....almost garden porn! But i take a chance. LOL. I got no choice! I'm hungry! So youtube says buy a $2 vibrator...i mean an electric toothbrush! It will loosen the pollen to the plants underneath her. At first i'm i need to put the male plant under the female plant directly and then turn on the vibrator toothbrush? Thank goodness the answer was no....just shake the dust/pollen off old girl and babies will happen.

Man....this gardening can be interesting!

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