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Learn How AmeriKKKa will Make Mexico Great Again...

I think this sums up the next 4 years. lol

I was reading this article from Forbes magazine, entitled, "OMG! House Republicans Are Preparing To Hit Consumers With A Horrible New Tax That Will Harm Trump And Hurt The Economy" and it got me thinking have these folks (U.S. Government) learned nothing from the past?

Common sense could have told you everything would be more expensive with this 'Made in AmeriKKKa' slogan. Sounds nice on paper...parchment paper from the late 1800s. It may have worked if there was no internet, the world was flat and we still believed this country is the center of the universe. Walmart may have to rename itself to WaltBloomingdales. You know those red states love them some Walmart. Inclusion never worked in the past. Inclusion is never a good idea...not for a child, nor for a country. The genie is out of the bottle folks! The U.S. has flooded the market with cheap priced products and services like a drug dealer who gives out free crack to a first time customer.

There is even U.S. history to support this! The U.S. cant even learn from its own mistakes is funny.

Here's a clue! The Great Depression! Black boycotts or 'Black Wallstreet? Ring a bell? Remember what happened? When you wanted us 'black folks' to sit in the back of your busses, buy food at your restaurants but we couldn't eat in them, and crap like this. What did black folks do? No problem. Folks made their our successful economies. They pooled together their own transit systems. There were many versions of 'Black Wallstreet' where the dollar was circulated a 1000 times before it left the community. But that wasn't enough for jealous white folks. Yall got pissed. Started burning down these communities, becoming a disruptive force in their lives.

Try that now! With this much technology?? Are you crazy? Lol. The U.S. is going to make 'Mexico Great Again'.

The rest of the world will just start pouring money and facilities in Mexico. I wouldn't be surprise if China, Japan and India 'build that wall' on Mexico's border on purpose ....just to keep ameriKKKans out as they try to SNEAK INTO MEXICO to buy inexpensive products!

Lets put this in perspective.

I pay $50 for an ounce of overpriced groceries at Whole foods. From that $50, $20 goes to the overpriced white executive, $8 to the white banker toward his million dollar executive bonus, $10 to the white management, $6 to the white middle class worker, $3 to the non white employees, $1 to the 'Save-the-black-folks' charity.....and $2 food production.

Frankly i don't buy things made in ameriKKKa! I say that proudly. I make it a point who I buy from. If i go in a store where I don't see people of color (including ANY non-whites) working there in management or in the store....I'm not shopping there!

I refuse to support white ameriKKKan values with my money. Just that simple. You can be so ARROGANT. You have the nerve to ask other countries / corporations (ex. Alibaba) to bring jobs to AmeriKKKa but its 'AmeriKKKa First'? Really?! Are they your new 'slave'? Why would anybody support a bully and not expect to get tainted meat for import. You know what makes me laugh when I think when I think of slavery? I think of how many times the 'massa' must have ate 'semen soup' or a Kizzy's special of 'spit pie'. Every white folk (or anybody who had slaves in any country) is probably carrying black dna in some form or fashion! lol. You can't spit on folks and not expect for them to spit back at you. It just don't work that way.

So in summary....let me just be clear: You ain't gonna shoot me in the back with my arms in the air, close schools in my area, provide no intern jobs to my kids like you do yours during the summer months, etc.....and expect me to buy from you with the little to no money you consider I should be grateful for. I will rather support a kid from Mexico, Africa, China, Spain, an ALIEN... to a 10 year college before buying one more thing from people that don't value me as a human being.

Until these AmeriKKKans and their silent supporters of hate monguls show some accountability for their actions, you can kiss my dollar bill goodbye!

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