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Another Guest BITES THE DUST!

Kick Bricks DUMB ACE!!

Its that time of year. Stupid is what stupid is!

This idiot doughboy guest who's been here for a month or two decided to want to show his behind! I had been helping him out by dropping him and his circus tent (for gov't giveway phones) at various locations. But since he didn't clean his area in the 5-person shared room he was living in, the area started to stink. I would often tell him he has to clean the space.

One day, he wanted to play Monopoly with the other guests. His favorite game. I yelled out, 'you are not playing nothing until you clean your room!"

He replied, "why are you embarrassing me like that!"

I responded, "because you are embarrassing me when I have to keep telling you to clean your space and I bring a guest in that room and it look like crap!"

So lets just say, 'this was the beginning of the end' for him.

Maybe the real ‘beginning of the end’ was when he and another guest were in a screaming match and I told them that if they both don't shut it up they would be sharing the same room!

Anyway, after that, the 'relationship' became a bit strained.

One day he asked if he could bring home a guest. I told him that she can visit but stay outside or the back porch. She was a bit snooty. He swears that there wasn't nothing going on because she is not his type. (Soap ain't his type either). I didn't buy that bull judging by the way I would catch her legs on his lap.

Around 11:30 p.m., I texted him that the girl has to leave by midnight. He had an attitude and said, 'why didn't you say that earlier?'.

I replied, "I shouldn't have to tell you anything. It's a given. If a person stays overnight, they pay!" So he said he would pay but she didn't need a bed since they would be on the back porch all night watching cartoons.

You must think Im stupid and was born yesterday?

I just kept coming back and forth that night on the back porch. If I ain't 'gettin it', you ain't either....not in this house!

A couple of days later, another guest asked me to look at the video. I did. But I couldn't find anything. I didn’t know what to even look for. When I took that guest to the airport, he told me that this butthole brought the girl to the room, in his space on a TWIN bed and had sex with her all night in that bed while everybody else was in the room!


I hadn't seen the butthole in a couple of days and had already gathered up all his crap after him not responding to my emails in three days. When I cleaned up the area, it was a complete disaster! There was a mound of ANTS as if there was an ant hill all up in his crap. A bunch of dishes under the bed, garbage everywhere! I threw all his crap is in the garbage, keys, badges, EVERYTHING!!!

This four-eyed heffa must be real desperate to want to sleep with this crackhead! Yes I called her four-eyes! People with glasses can call other people with glasses four eyes. He literally could not have passed the smell test! Just a completely nasty ace! I never saw him wash clothes. He always wore the same thing. You gotta be real dumb and desperate to come to a house, to have sex in a room with 4 other folks in the room separated by a curtain.

Dang...he didn’t even have the decency to even clean up the area! JUST NASTY!

Burning the sheet!

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