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Momma! You Ran Over Bambi!

"Momma, I think you hit something!" cried the little boy. He jumps out of the car and I walk up casually behind him. "Momma, you hit Bambi! I think Bambi's dead!" he continues to cry out. I take the little boys small head, turn him away from the gruesome discovery and cynically look at the dead dear. Without tearing my eyes away from this thing that's blocking the road to my car, I reassure the boy, "honey, don't cry. Bambi just volunteered to be a speed bump. This is what he does." We get into the car and i drive over the carcass to make sure he don't get up.

Then I woke from this dream.

Bambi had been here only 5 days and within that time, she managed to give a peep show of her boobs make $300 in a day from another guest, lose the money the next, fabricate several stories of her occupation, borrow $20 from several of guests, create accusations of muggings, theft in the house, etc. I managed to get her out of the house without 'incident' but now she wants to come back to pick up 2 bags of groceries she left behind.

I get a text stating from Bambi that she wants to come and get the 2 bags of grocery she left at the house. WHAT GROCERY? The only thing that was left in the fridge from her shelf was a bag of carrots and a bag of celery! What was she really trying to come for? I wasn't taking no chance. So the following is the full conversation :

Nonya to Bambi:

Just to let you know that there is nothing really in the fridge. There is only a bag of $1 salery and carrots. Being that you owe several guests money, I can't let you in the house unless you are coming to pay them back. Is that your purpose for coming? Germany says you owe about $15, Ireland...i can't even say without confirmation, and Canada says you owe $20? How is this so? You just met them and Germany haven't even been here more than a day...not to mention the phone you asked Kentucky to share on her account for you on day one. You cannot enter this house without my consent and I will instruct my guests not to let you in for fear you may be interested in obtaining more money. The only reason you can come here and enter this house is to pay them back the money you owe them that you borrowed. Do you understand?

Bambi to Nonya:

First of all, I find it rather interesting that all of the sudden you are so concerned with what happens with your guests, considering the multiple times I approached you with concerns regarding my stay and the “I don’t know, I don’t care” attitude I received from you in reaction to those concerns, but that is just fine. You’re going to assume that I am returning to your house to get more money? Let’s not be ridiculous Nonya. If I were to return to your house it would be to collect the two bags of food (what hasnt been eaten by the other guests, like so much of my food and drink was) I left in the door of the back fridge, my unopened container of greek yogurt and my bathing supplies left in the downstairs shower room. I find that claim both unwarranted and insulting. Perhaps you should get both sides of the story before you make such accusatory remarks. Canada, offered to lend me 20$ to get to work the other night because Kentucky had borrowed a significant amount of cash from me, which for reasons that are currently unknown to me has yet to be paid back. I was counting on that money to be able to get to work that night, Kentucky knew this. She has been giving me the runaround all week in regards to this money. Telling me her paycheck was late, that she was expecting it in the mail and it hadn’t come, all sorts of stories which I now realize were just a part of her con. Until I receive my first paycheck from work, I am on a very tight budget in regards to the amount of cash I have, which after the money that was stolen from me during my stay at your house and the foolish decision I made to lend Kentucky money is at 0. I take full responsibility for this. I have given Canada my phone number and instructed him to get the 20$ from Kentucky, and to call me if he has any in problems doing so. In regards to the 16$ I owe Germany, for cigarettes which I asked him to purchase for me during his trip to Milwaukee, that debt has been cleared. I admit I should have taken precautions to ensure I would have the full amount of cash necessary to pay him for the favor I asked of him, but I wasn’t expecting to have money stolen from me and I was expecting to have the money I lent Kentucky returned to me, with that I had planned to pay that small debt. Instead, to rectify the situation I returned the packages of cigarettes to him which cleared that debt. In talking to Ireland about this situation, he expressed that Kentucky has felt me to be untrustworthy because apparently I lied about her saying I could stay in her bed, I am not going to argue this because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter and because it was said to me verbally with no witness so I cannot prove it to be true, regardless that is no reason for her to treat me the way she has. I am not quite sure what I have done to provoke those feelings beyond this whole “sleeping in the bed situation” and her lies to me span far larger than that. I bought us groceries which she promised to pay me back for, and hasn’t, cooked for her, offered to help her with exercise after she expressed concern about her alarming weight, taught her how to do her makeup at her request, as a matter of fact, the last encounter I had with her, I spent about an hour and a half doing her hair and half an hour doing her makeup because she was going out and asked me to help her look good for id photos she was taking at work. All this to say I was more than nice to her; I went out of my way to be her friend and in return I am having my name dragged thru dirt. Yes, I asked her to help me set up a phone plan after she had said she had done so for another guest because she has a discounted rate on her line with att. Perhaps I should not have done so, again, no excuse for the way I am being treated now. I explicitly told her not to do so if she felt uncomfortable to which she responded “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want too”. She had me meet her at att yesterday where I waited for her for almost 2 hours, not only did she not show up but she ignored my calls at text messages all day trying to figure out what happened to her. Initially I was concerned something bad had happened to her, and then I realized I was being naïve and that she had just gotten over on me. I can take this loss. What I can’t take is slanderous claims that I am this malicious person that I am not. I am at a very transitional period in my life, and I admit that I can be wrong in the way I do things. What I can’t do is let my name be dragged thru mud for no reason. I know in my heart that I do not deserve the way I am being treated in regards to all of this. I opened myself up to Kentucky because I thought we could be friends. As far as I can tell she simply doesn’t want to pay me back. She has yet to offer up any other explanation so that is the one I have come too. The last thing I want is to leave this whole situation unresolved. I have explicitly expressed that I am more than willing to come up with a resolve. Beyond that there isn’t much more that I can do.

oh, and I dont owe Ireland a red cent

Nonya to Bambi:

ok. im not going to read your book right now. But they just told me that you owe each of them money. You know why i don't have a concern about what came up missing in your 'mind', is that you never came to me about the big money that Kentucky practically gave you or money you stolen. The $300. She didn't even have to give you any job to do but she did. If somebody I never met, put a one day job in my lap that paid me $300 and another job for $125, there would be no reason I would complain about anything...especially food provided to her. Also being that none of the guests like bird seeds (vegetables)...yeah...not to interested in your story about your green leaf gone missing. I couldn't give away that food to them. You are the only one that had something gone missing out of all of everybody. You laid your stuff EVERYWHERE in the house and expect me to believe something was missing? I wasn't buying it. You had a different story for what you do, (employment) to everybody. And the icing on the cake for me is that you had no regards for my house. The first night you were here and were up all night with the guys and Kentucky...Did you not pull your tits out and rub them like 2 nickles in front of them in the living room and remarked, 'this is my body and I can do what I want?' I hate to believe the one that said you even carassed yourself in front of everybody.

Of coarse I wasn't going to believe one word that came out of your mouth. Besides all of owe each of them money. Why would the new guests lie. YOU OWE THEM MONEY plain and simple and you are not coming in this house unless you have the money to pay them.

So feel free to write your review cause I got one for any host to see as to not let your vulture behind in their door. You lucky I was being nice to drop you off. Didn't go so well with the last guest who tried to play that crap here. I got 6 sisters for which i am the oldest...they did some crazy crap in their time. So I know your game. You need to get your act together. That high pitch whiny voice may work for the guys....but it don't work here. As my personal advice to you? Have some respect for yourself, have some respect for other people's home and perhaps somebody will take you seriously. If it wasn't for your 'friends' here, i would have thrown you out on day one. So say, 'thank you for your stay' and keep it moving.

As for Kentucky owing you money. I'm sorry. I don't see it even thru your explaination. The fact is, if the girl changes her mind about something its her perrogative. Bottom line, she put $425 in your lap. And the very next day, you're asking me to borrow MY money that Ireland paid me. I wanted to snap on Ireland for loaning my money in the first place from the $300 made. He had no right to give you MY money, not even for an hour. Whatever happened between you and them...thats your business. My reason for not wanting you to stay is based on you simply not respecting my house. your shoes in the house, your touching yourself in front of my guests, your burning pots EVERY TIME you cooked and cleaning up after you. It's like cleaning a 2 year old. YOU DROVE ME NUTS. The money you owe Canada, Germany and Ireland is the icing on the cake. And by the way, they were like, 'its ok'. They felt it was a lesson learned for the sneak preview.

Bambi to Nonya:

Touching myself in front of people? Hahahahahhaha wow.. I know the situation you're talking about, I was lying on the couch with Kentucky, Ireland and St. Louis, Ireland, with my hand on my crotch and they thought I was touching myself.. Jokingly I said "it's my body ill do what I want". You're right it is between me and them so you should keep your ignorant, uneducated assumptions and misconceptions to yourself. I tried to be the bigger person here by offering up explanations for my actions, and opened myself up to find a resolution. You're obviously not interested in resolution more so slander. My advice to you is education so perhaps in the future you can articulate you're feelings without simply nit picking on irrelevant situations.. If the way I was in your house was a problem, my leaving my stuff around etc, perhaps you should have made mention of that at the time instead of after the fact. Yes, I do leave my stuff everywhere, yes that is something I need to work on.. Sorry.. Grew up with maids.. Some habits are hard to break. Again, I don't owe Ireland a penny, I cleared my debt with Germany and I have every intention of making sure Canada receives the 20$ he lent me. I am not refusing to pay my debts quit acting like I am. Sorry I'm not the monster you're trying to make me out to be. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know. I wish you luck, obviously you need it..

I should have gotten back into my friends car once I walked it and saw a toothless crazy person in front of me in the ghetto.. Lesson learned for sure. I've used air b n b plenty of times and never had any problem until now.. I don't care if you believe me or not. You people are crazy. I have the closure I needed now. Thank you.

Oh, and about a girl changing her mind... I don't care what she decided if someone lends you money you pay it back. I spent 100$ on food and gave her 20$ to go out with the Dutch lady, just because she gave me work doesn't mean she has the right to cancel out what she owes me. Just like I have to pay my debts, the right thing to do would be for her to pay hers.

And my shoes in the house were clean, remember when I told you that and you looked at them and said ok? Alright then

Nonya to Bambi:

1) I was refering to you popping your boobs out and rubbing them. As one person stated, I wish i didn't see it. 2) You just verified what i said. 3) Funny...They all actually stated you STILL owe them as of last night! 4) I never said you were a monster. I'm basically saying its good you didn't meet the one in me. 5) I'm not your maid. Get some new friends. In my short observation of you, you don't have any because if you did, you wouldn't be renting a would have been staying with your own. Not impressed. Learn to be a friend, and maybe the next time you will have one to stay with without paying.

So Goodbye. Have a nice life.

P.S.....I was right the moment I declined your stay. I should have stuck with it.

Bambi to Nonya:

You're right, I don't have many friends in Chicago.. A place I have been for 2 weeks! You should have declined my stay you would have been doing me a huge favour. Again, you're delusions are quite unfortunate. I offered an explanation to you out of respect for the fact that you let me stay at your house. I'm sorry if you feel I disrespected your house. That was never my intention. I'm not interested in back and fourth insults, there's tons I could say about you too Annie.. The only reason I responded to you was to clear the air, but again it's quite obvious that's not what you want because I have again offered up many condolences and asked exactly what it is you would like of me to rectify the situation so that there is no bad blood in the river, but since that's not of interest to you I can do no more. If you believe I damaged your pots and they need to be replaced, I am happy to do so. Like I said, I pay my debt.

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