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Chicago Police Illegal Home Entry /Plant Setup/ Home Seizure Attempt - Caught on Tape

The events that happened in this video is based on an event by which a home-sharing host manager experienced 4 days prior to the event of an illegal seizure attempt that was posted earlier in my blog site. The police and 'building inspectors arrived at her home suspecting that she was engaged in an Airbnb. The violations they created were based on 'commercial' standards as opposed to residential.

In this video you will see what happened for days earlier...On June 4, 2016. Two officers illegally broke into her Chicago Englewood home, thru her locked gate with a fabricated story as they were in the search for answers to a crime that happened a mile away to her 'guest'. When they couldn't get what they were asking for without a warrant, they created a 'complaint' for which 4 days later, 6 police and 3 building inspectors forced their way into her home, TRAMPLED on her 4th Amendment Rights, conducted an Illegal search and tried to SEIZE her home in the one hour of their arrival with a 'story' that she was running an illegal bed and breakfast and tried to remove her from her house with no warrant, no court order, no prior list of violations...THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME. All of this to cover up their illegal entry from June 4 for the officers, after entering, claimed that a guy was robbed a mile away and his luggage and shoes was stolen. The 'crime'...was it a lie or a setup?

As if Englewood residents don't have enough to worry about with the crime and drugs in the area!

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