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Why You Should NEVER Talk to the Police!

If you ever visited me on Facebook, ( ), then you've seen this video from Regent Law Professor James Duane, Criminal Defense Attorney. I post it every year as a yearly reminder to ANYONE who accepts a guest, friend, or a family member into their home, ESPECIALLY if you are an Airbnb host or belong to a 'shared' service (including uber and lyft).

Many of my guests have come to me and stated that the police talked to them, asking their name, why are they in the neigborhood (even tho they know why they were), etc. So when I insist to my guests that they should never volunteer ANY information to the police, I'm not saying it from a dark place in my soul. I have nothing hide or engaged in any wrongdoing. I'm am stating it for their own protection (hosts or guests).

Sometimes, my guests assumed that my disgust for police is racially motivated. Part of it is true. I ain't gonna lie! There is no secret that I have a HIGH DISDAIN for the police (mainly the white racist ones). Anyone who has followed me from the beginning knows HOW MUCH I LOATHE white police. (I changed the words from hate...since hate should not be in my vocabulary). Just so you understand I view ALL WHITE COPS 'guilt of racism' until proven innocent...pretty much how they view minorities. I moved here and literally spent OVER $5,000 putting up security cameras on my home and a STEEL gate around my property....ONLY TO KEEP THE POLICE off my porch. My grandmother never had a robbery in the 60 years she lived in this house, nor I since I moved in. We always kept our doors open.....until I started Airbnb and these ignorant police started invading my civil rights in ways I couldn't have believed possible unless I had read it in the newspapers that 'happened to someone' else.

With ALL of that, thats NOT the reason why you should never talk to the police.

Once I had two guests from Switzerland. They were two white Switzs about 7 feet tall....literally. They were walking home from the train. The police pulled them over and told them to get into the car. Nobody was chasing them or anything like that. In fact, they were just one block from my home. The police insisted that they get into the car and then tried to intimidate them about the area. The whole time the guests were sitting in the back seat nervous. They were not nervous about the police were saying. They were nervous because of what was in their pouch pocket on their stomachs. The guests had just bought a big bag of weed and it was in their pouch with their shirt tucked over the pants.

Now I don't condon drugs or taking drugs. But when they showed me what they had on them, I could have died. It wasn't a small amount. It was a good stache. After I scoulded them on bringing drugs to my house (or any strangers home), then i went off on them as to why they shouldn't had gotten into that car. If those cops had drug sniffing dogs on them, they would have been detained.

This was an extreme circumestance. But as the video will explain, there are soooo many reasons why you should never talk to a police, even if you are innocent of a 'perceived crime'.

Once a police brought a guest home out of 'concern' and came INTO my home. I didn't let the cop in. He just walked in because the guest let him in. Now at one time, I had another guest that was sleeping my couch had medicianal weed on the table. He had a true medical problem. If the first guest had brought the cop in and the 2nd guest was visibly taking his 'medicine', the cop wouldn't need a warrent to search your place because there lies 'evidence' in the open.

As a host, you do not know what your guests are bringing in. I don't care if they got a 100 good reviews from previous host. Unless you strip search your guest and go through every bag he brought in, then this alone is a reason you should never allow a police into your home, unless you called them. If drugs are found in your house or car, these can be reasons to confiscate your property. You never want to allow police ON your property. If they don't have any reason to be there (like a cry for help or a call to come), under Law, they cannot search your property or enter your property. Thats why I put up the cameras.

I can shoot an intruder on my property but I can't shoot a cop if he comes into my property illegally. What I can do is SUE a police for invasion of my civil rights. Thus the cameras at all entrances and my windows and in my kitchen.

In a time where Airbnb is being battled by city officials, governments and any who wish the 'status quo' to remain the same, you will have those who will try to inflict pain, fines or fees, in any way shape or form, to discourage you in your endeavors.

So watch and learn from this video.

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