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Greetings Switzerland! This is the POLICE! Put your hands in the air!

This is an interruption in the Ghetto Girl Blog update. Please note that we will continue with our national broadcast of last weeks cray cray, after this important announcement. "Nonya, you got new guests coming?", someone asked, while I was spending some quality time with the laundry. I yelled back upstairs, "no new guests are scheduled to arrive tonight!" i thought. I forgot. I had been drinking and accepted a new request for one night for four guests from Switzerland. Just a 'one night stand' stay. "Well there are some white people in the car outside in front of the house with some police cars around them!" they replied. So I dropped what i was doing. Me, California, Mississippi went to the door. Sure enough, there were a police car behind the SUV and an undercover cop car directly across the street facing the SUV. Inside the car were four guys with their hands in the air in the car. (see picture) I was still trying to process the situation to see if these were my white people/guests or some random white people driving thru. Then it hit me, they are mines! Now while we are all pouring out of the house to see all of the commotion, out of nowhere, tall white 20 year old Seattle was walking down the street from the opposite direction yelling out profanity when she saw the cops and the white guests in the car. She was coming home from work. She yelled out, "OMG there's some **** white people here! OMG! What is this world coming too!!!" As if her voice sang out like an opera singer at her highest pitch, her voice rang out with so much umph and profanity, that we all fell out laughing! Cali went toward the car and started taking pictures of the guys in the car with their hands up. The undercover cops asked if we knew them and Cali, who was closest to them said 'yeah', and basically said that they are visiting, while I yelled out, 'they are our cousins!'. Seattle, still yelling was still yelling at the cops about the situation. From what i can recall, the under cover cop states that the guys in the car were not 'those peoples'. Meaning, they were not the regular white people (that lived in the house), that walk the neighborhood regularly. The other cops had asked the Switzs in the car, 'what were they doing here?' (in this neighborhood) and some other questions. So while we were bent over in laughter and there was some anger from the police that was parked behind the SUV, the under cover cops drove up besides the other cops and said something to them. At that point, the cops returned the driver's license back to the Switzs and then sped off in an angry fit. Of coarse, this set the tone for the night. Denmark, Germany, Switzs and everybody else in the house went out to the backyard reinacting that nights event over Budweiser around the firepit. Around 2 a.m., the beer went dry. Still filled with energy and excitement, I asked, "Anyone up for another adventure?!" The Switzs said, "YEAH!" "Alright, let's go to the liquor store for more beer!", I replied. "We're walking?" they asked. "Noooo...I will drive". So the Switzs and the one German pile into the car. We only went to the corner, parked in front of the store and off the four went inside for beer. Part of me knew that as soon as they get out of that liquor store, some cop is going to pull over and say something if they saw them. Of coarse, without fail, they were right on queue. After the three came into the car, I could see a slow police car pulling up to the side of my car, even tho the light at the corner was green. "Hi guys! See you all are getting beer!", said the police officer who could have been of Asian descent. He seemed a bit 'friendly' in tone but one of those tones that seem more a man with fork tongue! "Yeah, we getting beer!" I replied. "Look like you all are going have to have a good time tonight!" he replied. "We sure are!" I responded....but now becoming more irritated. Just come out and say what you want to say because clearly your crazy driver, 'Mr. Angry White Cop' is not sharing your 'enthusiasm'. "Soooo, where you guys are headed? What is your address?" he asked. See, why couldn't you just be on your way like a good little officer and mind yo business by doing cop things, like catch BAD GUYS IN ENGLEWOOD since you feel its so dangerous! "Since when do I need to give you my address because we're buying beer?!" I asked in a not-so-friendly tone, while locking my eyes to his to express to him the words, 'try me!'. I'm in no mood for you tonight. "Ohhh I just want to make sure that THEY are all safe" he replied. THEY? I'm the only girl in this car with all these guys and you're concerned if THEY ARE SAFE? CRACKHEAD! "WE WILL BE JUST FINE! I WILL MAKE SURE WE ARE ALL SAFE!,' I replied. Then they sped off. The Switzs started laughing. "Wasn't that the same cop that pulled us over?" he asked. They couldn't believe it. Twice in one night! I aim to please.....Nonya's Big Adventure! All aboard!

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